Aug 152018

The Important Items For Minimalist Living Room

The house is the destination of everyone’s return, especially after you are tired of activities outside all day, then, of course, the house becomes the destination that you miss most. Because for home is certainly the most comfortable place for you, comfort in a house is determined by several things such as an interior design, furniture used, color choice, use of wallpaper and even floor selection can support the comfort house.

Tips To Arranging Of Minimalist Room

The house is generally divided into several separate rooms that have their respective functions for the owner, several compulsory rooms are living room, kitchens, bedrooms, and family room. The common living rooms are located at very front of a house, as soon as the door opens it will go straight to the living room, right?

You must arrange your living room as well as possible so that friends or family who visit will be more comfortable. Even though the living room is minimalist in size, it should not be an obstacle for you to be creative in creating a room that is pleasing to the eye and comfortable while in it. There are some important things that you must remember when arranging a small sized living room.

Color Choice

The color of one important aspect in spatial planning, the selected color will be able to highlight various impressions for the room, such as the choice of white color that emphasizes the impression of clean, or the choice the bright colors that give fun. Therefore you cannot ignore the color selection.


Choose items that are small in size, the amount of furniture used should not be too much and not too little. You don’t enforce to put the big furniture to your living room because it will make your living room narrow and not comfortable.

Wall Accessories

Due to the small size of the room, then you must make the best use of the room. Walls can also be objects in the arrangement of the room. Give a wall decoration to support the beauty of the room.

The three things above can be combined in spatial planning so that a living room is created that is comfortable, neat, and pleasing to the eye.

The Furniture That Suitable For Minimalist Living Room

As we talking before, the items or furniture that is suitable for the small living room is tiny furniture. There are a number of items that you can place in your minimalist living room. This is the suitable furniture for your minimalist living room.

  1. Sofa

The sofa is one item that you must have for the living room, not least for a minimalist living room. There are several things that you must pay attention to in the selection of sofa, like.

  • Color

For the color, it’s good for you to choose a sofa with matching colors with the walls of your room. The color does not have to be the same but only just don’t highlight the contrast between the colors of the sofa and the wall

  • Size

Since the living room is small, maybe the size of the sofa is taken into consideration. The size of the sofa must be in accordance with the size of the room so that the room is full of just one item, that is a sofa.

  1. Petite table

For the table itself, there are those made from wood and glass. You can customize this selection to your taste. The height of the table should be adjusted to the height of the sofa. To add a beautiful impression, you can complete the table with colorful patterned tablecloths’

  1. Wall shelf

Wall shelves can be used to put some items. The right wall shelves certainly give the impression for your minimalist living room.