Aug 152018

The Decoration That Makes The Play Room More Fun

The playroom is not a necessary room of a house. But the presence of the playroom when you have the little one, it can be very needed. The playroom will help the house to be much neater and avoid small things and toys in the family room, bedroom, and even the dining room. Because the needs are classified as secondary, there are still many people who don’t understand how to decorate the fun playroom, so that the playroom function optimally and comfortable to use.

The Right Color

The first thing in arranging playroom is to determine the color theme of the playroom. This one room is identic with colorful decoration. However, you can’t just choose colors if you want to provide a maximum atmosphere in the chid’s room. The contrasting composition of primary colors is often the choice of many people. But, in many contrasting colors can make the eyes tired. Gradually matching colors can be a better solution. Make some contrasting colors as accents.

If the children’s playroom is combined as a sleeping and resting room, soft colors like pastel and earthy color (brown, green, cream) can be a good choice for decorating the playroom because it can give a more sooting impression. But if the playroom is separated from the bedroom, you can create brighter colors like red and yellow.


As mentioned at the beginning, the playroom will help free housing from messy toys in various spaces. However, that doesn’t mean this toy can be messy in the playroom. For this reason, storage or drawers for children are the important furnitures for decorating your children’s playroom. Because it is intended for children, so you need to make sure that the size of storage that can be reached by your children.

The cabinets that are too high will encourage your child to climb and reach his toy. This is certainly dangerous. Besides that, it can make your child falling, there is still a risk of your baby being hit by a large closet. So, you can create a storage city that can function as a couch or ottoman for your little one to sit.

Sufficient furniture, spacious, and comfortable flooring

To be able to function as a maximum playing space, of course, your child needs enough space. Minimize the use of playroom decoration in the form of furniture that is too large or unnecessary. This will provide a wider open floor so your child can play freely in the floor.

Because there will be a lot of playing activities that occur on the floor, complete the decoration of that room with carpet. Carpet can be the safest choice in terms of comfort. However, the carpet needs extra care because it’s easy to get dirty. This dirty carpet will certainly be a nest of germs and bacteria that harmful.

The Room To Expression

You can complete the decoration of the playroom by giving a painting area. Providing the blackboard as the media to learn writing for your children. Did you know by providing space to develop art in the decoration of the playroom, indirectly you help the development of your child learning power?