Aug 152018

How To Make A Swimming Pool That Fits On Budget

Having a private swimming pool proved that the quality of life and of course not all homes can have it because of various technical considerations and costs that are not cheap. If you decide to have a private pool, be prepared to deal with various aspects of construction that obviously cost a lot of money. You also need to make sure that you have a license that permits the construction of a swimming pool and need the budget of approximately 15 million IDR. You also need to consider the development budget and maintenance. If you don’t mind, then follow the tips to build the private pool.


If you have decided to build a private swimming pool, of course, there are many things that you must prepare. The preparation is more appropriate if consulted with experts in building a professional swimming pool. First, the project to build a swimming pool must be prepared by the architect and approved by the local city government. Before starting construction, you should ask for a detailed budget from your architect so that are no unexpected costs.

Another aspect in terms of budget is to choose flat land that is not too rocky and can be easily reached by cranes, if there is just one step that is missed then you can risk incurring a bloated fee. Since the beginning of the development process, it is very important for you and the building team to know exactly what is desired from the pool so that the construction runs well.

The Conventional Pool

This kind of pools that are very easy to find in homes mostly, because of their survival and usefulness. Although the initial investment is obviously large, having a private pool is fun for the family. Besides that, there are many types of building materials that can make the choice of pool design more diverse.

One of the options available is polyester, which has a cheaper and simpler middle-age and easy to use and modified with additional personal details here and there, such as, waterfalls, light bulbs, or other decorative elements. Of its various advantages, polyester materials allow for comfort and ease of maintenance and overhaul whenever needed. Deciding what material will dominate swimming pool work is a wise decision because of the various possibilities offered with various durability and treatment options.

The Natural Pool

For those of you who attach great importance to the ecological aspects and carbon footprint left by humans in nature or just want to avoid pollution and chemicals commonly found in conventional pools, ecological formats are the most suitable choice. The following are various swimming pool designs that are environmentally friendly in terms of filtration capacity of various types of plants and gravel and sand filters.

This ecological pool imitates a natural pool that still has fish, frogs, and invites its lover to back to nature. The main attraction of this type of pool is the existence of various benefits that are not only good for the environment but also good for health because of the high oxygen levels in the water and the use of materials that protect the skin. This swimming pool also allows the use of water again and again through the purification system through plants without reducing water quality.

The Dimension Of The Swimming Pool

The shape and size of a swimming pool are factors that must be considered in building a swimming pool. The shape and size of the swimming pool must be decided carefully with the final budget and availability of places. Although the format of the swimming pool depends on the characteristic of the soil, there are also some standard sizes depending on the number of people who will use the pool at once. For 5 people you may range 5 square meters.

Indoor Or Outdoor Swimming Pool

The first thing to consider is the environment where the pool will be built because in the next step this will determine the level of complexity of development. Whether it’s an interior or exterior model, there many things to consider. First, you decide on an outdoor swimming pool, then you have to move trees with strong roots that are able to lift the ground and damage the swimming pool. Meanwhile, for the indoor swimming pool, you don’t need to think about these factors because like any surface.