Aug 152018

How to Clean Dirty Rug?

The rug can make the floor in your home looks pretty and comfortable when you lay down there. However, the rug can attract stains, dirt, mold, animal hair, and mildew as well. This is why you need to clean your rug once in a while. Because if you never clean it, it can be a source of bacteria and virus which can harm your family. Not to mention the allergy caused by dirt and dust. By cleaning your rug regularly, you can prevent it from rug bugs, fleas, and dust mites too.

How to Make Your Rug Clean

It’s time to clean your rug. Read this information below to clean your rug. It will take your time and energy to clean it. But the result will be worthy.

  1. Vacuum regularly

The easiest thing to do to make your rug always clean is by vacuuming it regularly. You need to have a good vacuum which can suck the dirt and hair up. The vacuum should be able to suck deeply so the rug fibers will be clean as well. Vacuum your rug regularly is necessary if you have pets or shaggy rug. Another benefit of vacuuming your rug regularly is it can smell fresh and it also looks good. If you live with pets, you need to vacuum your rug every single day. We know that this can be exhausting but you need to do this to protect your family also. And if you don’t live with pets, you can vacuum twice or thrice a week.

When you vacuum your rug, you need to vacuum it steady. Not too slow and not too fast. If you vacuum it in a rush, you can make your vacuum cleaner broke. This tool needs time to suck the dirt, dust, hair, and fur from the rug fibers cleanly. To make sure that the rug is clean, you can vacuum the rug twice in every cleaning process.

  1. Don’t spill anything

We know that it’s so hard to not spill anything in your rug especially if you have children. So, if you or your children sill anything, you need to clean it right away. Whenever you let spill on your rug, even make it dry, it will make you work harder to remove the residue. However, if you clean it right away, it can save your energy and time. Moreover, the rug won’t smells bad.

What should you do when you spill some coffee or tea? First, you can use a paper towel or a clean cloth and press it to the affected area so it can absorb the liquid. After that, use baking powder and pour it in the affected area. Leave it for 10 minutes and vacuum the area. If you spill colorful liquid like wine, you can pour baking powder and soda into the affected area.

How to Get Rid of Odor from Your Rug

You will notice it sooner or later if you don’t clean your rug. Your rug will smell bad, so bad. It is a bad indication that your rug contains something harmful. This is the right time to clean it and get rid of the odor. Check this out to know the method for getting rid of rug odor.

  1. Vacuum the rug

Vacuuming is the key. You need to vacuum the rug thoroughly to get rid of the odor. Your rug contains bacteria, dust, dirt, spill, and hair.

  1. Make home remedy

The home remedy can be used to get rid of rug odor. Maybe you can use another cleaning agent that you can buy in the market. However, if you use this home remedy as well, the odor will be gone completely. The ingredients that you need are baking soda, cornmeal, borax, and water. Mix all of the ingredients and pour the mixture into your rug. Leave it for a day and clean it by using water. Dry the rug in direct sun for a day.

You can make another home remedy by using water and vinegar. Put them all in a spray bottle. Spray the rug thoroughly. Leave the rug for an hour. When you spray your rug, try to spray it lightly to make it not wet. A wet rug can be moist and mold can grow there. You can use this home remedy to get rid of the stained area. You need to do this when your children and pets are not in the room. You can too find information about Best Carpet Cleaner for Old Pet Urine in the other website

Aug 152018

How to Change Your Bathroom into Minimalist Bathroom

There are more people who like simple things. This also includes their home design. Now we can see many homes that apply minimalist or contemporary design. This design is very great for both small and large home. For a large home, minimalist design can give a modern aura to the home. It also makes it look clean and fresh. As for the small home, minimalist can make their home larger, roomies, and it doesn’t look stuffy.

How to Make Small Bathroom Looks Bigger?

If you live in a small home, maybe you have a small bathroom too. It is not good if you often spend time in a small room. It can make you stress because it feels stuffy. Moreover, people will always go to the bathroom to take a bath or do other businesses. Your small bathroom can look bigger if you apply minimalist design to your bathroom.

If you live in a big home with a big bathroom, you are so lucky. However, there are some people who prefer minimalist bathroom even though their bathroom is already spacious. Once again, minimalist design tends to make a room look clean and fresh. That’s why many people go for minimalist design.

Applying Minimalist Design to Your Bathroom

If you want to make your bathroom look bigger by applying minimalist design, you need some smart tips that can transform your small bathroom. To make a minimalist bathroom is simple actually. Below are the important tips that you need to follow.

  1. References

To create a minimalist bathroom, you need references. Many references, in fact. You need to do some research several months before redesign your bathroom. It is because you need to do the right thing to make your small bathroom looks bigger. You can get references from the internet, magazine, or social media.

  1. Contact interior designer

You can’t design your bathroom randomly. That’s why you will need a help from an interior designer. Look for the one that you can trust. Start discussing every detail in your bathrooms such as shower, bath up, sink, and storage room. In this step, you will also discuss the material that you want to use, the color for your bathroom, and furniture as well.

  1. Calculate your budget

Redesign a bathroom can cost a lot especially if you do a total redesign. So, you need to calculate your budget too. The costs of building materials, ceramics, paint, furniture, and interior designer are not cheap.

  1. Use wallpaper

A wallpaper is necessary for a bathroom. You can use a wallpaper with simple color and pattern to make it spacious. If you choose otherwise, your bathroom will look narrow.

  1. Paint color

This rule above is also applied for paint. The color should be simple and light. It’s better to use one color so the bathroom will create a spacious effect. Choose the color that can reflect light well such as neutral and pastel colors. Don’t use the same color as the ceramic since it will make your bathroom darker and smaller.

  1. Use multifunctional furniture

There are many types of furniture out there which has functionality. This type of furniture is a great choice for someone who wants to have a bigger room or they want to apply the minimalist design. Buy a multifunctional furniture for your bathroom so you can store your toiletries and others things neatly. If your bathroom doesn’t have much stuff, it will look bigger. For example, you can place a basket or shelf to put your toiletries and towels.

  1. Choose the right lamp

The last effort to make your bathroom look bigger and minimalist is by placing a lamp which has a simple design but the size is not big enough. By placing this lamp, you can make an impression of a spacious bathroom.

Aug 152018

How to Decorate Your New Home


Congratulations on having a new home! A new home is your opportunity to have a better, new life. Purchasing a home is a big deal, so you shouldn’t waste it. Your new home is still empty. By purchasing an unfurnished home, you can try to make it as a blank canvas. This “canvas” can be your great painting if you design and decorate it properly. If you want a modern house design, then it is a right choice to follow our tips below.

Transforming a New Home

You can transform your new home that fit your personality. You can fill every room with furniture and accessories that you want. You can also paint them with your favorite color. However, to make your new home become a modern-design home, you don’t just put everything and paint every color as you want.

You need some tips to decorate it so your new home has a charm. Home should be a place where you feel comfortable. If you do not design it properly, you will feel uncomfortable in your own home. Even the small details can bother you with an ugly design.

Tips to Decorate a New Home

Below are some tips to make your new home look cooler, more modern, and more comfortable. Remember that decorating a new home takes great effort!

  1. Paint the walls

Painting the walls of your home can make a big change. So, you need to choose the right color. Painting the walls can give certain vibes to the room. It is also one of the easiest ways to freshen up your new home. You can choose a color based on the function of each room.

For example, your bedroom should have white walls since it is the right color if you want to feel calm, comfortable, and modern at the same time. Your family room should be fun and bubbly. So, we think you can choose bright colors such as green or yellow. Your work area can be painted with blue or gray color to make you feel calm and your concentration will be on fire. You can also try different colors for each room. A contemporary home doesn’t have to be minimalist with neutral colors on the walls.

  1. Choose the right furniture

One thing that can make a great change in a home is furniture. It is also one of the most important things when it comes to decorating. You can buy some new furniture that matches with the house design. The furniture should have styles and colors that fit both your personality and your home too. However, if buying new furniture is too much, you can try to go to the thrift store where you can find good pieces of furniture that are still in good condition. This way can save your budget.

  1. Home accessories

If you still have money to buy home décor or accessories, you can buy some items. For example, if you have a white sofa bed or white couch, you can try to live it up by buying fabric with bright colors and quirky design. You can also buy a fake plant to make your home fresher.

4. Keep Your New Home

No less important in building a new home you should pay attention to its cleanliness. If you have a good and expensive carpet make sure to avoid the contact of your pet if your pet removes the dirt on the carpet. Always use the best carpet cleaner for your pets urine. Because of that your expensive carpet will always be kept clean.

Aug 152018

The Decoration That Makes The Play Room More Fun

The playroom is not a necessary room of a house. But the presence of the playroom when you have the little one, it can be very needed. The playroom will help the house to be much neater and avoid small things and toys in the family room, bedroom, and even the dining room. Because the needs are classified as secondary, there are still many people who don’t understand how to decorate the fun playroom, so that the playroom function optimally and comfortable to use.

The Right Color

The first thing in arranging playroom is to determine the color theme of the playroom. This one room is identic with colorful decoration. However, you can’t just choose colors if you want to provide a maximum atmosphere in the chid’s room. The contrasting composition of primary colors is often the choice of many people. But, in many contrasting colors can make the eyes tired. Gradually matching colors can be a better solution. Make some contrasting colors as accents.

If the children’s playroom is combined as a sleeping and resting room, soft colors like pastel and earthy color (brown, green, cream) can be a good choice for decorating the playroom because it can give a more sooting impression. But if the playroom is separated from the bedroom, you can create brighter colors like red and yellow.


As mentioned at the beginning, the playroom will help free housing from messy toys in various spaces. However, that doesn’t mean this toy can be messy in the playroom. For this reason, storage or drawers for children are the important furnitures for decorating your children’s playroom. Because it is intended for children, so you need to make sure that the size of storage that can be reached by your children.

The cabinets that are too high will encourage your child to climb and reach his toy. This is certainly dangerous. Besides that, it can make your child falling, there is still a risk of your baby being hit by a large closet. So, you can create a storage city that can function as a couch or ottoman for your little one to sit.

Sufficient furniture, spacious, and comfortable flooring

To be able to function as a maximum playing space, of course, your child needs enough space. Minimize the use of playroom decoration in the form of furniture that is too large or unnecessary. This will provide a wider open floor so your child can play freely in the floor.

Because there will be a lot of playing activities that occur on the floor, complete the decoration of that room with carpet. Carpet can be the safest choice in terms of comfort. However, the carpet needs extra care because it’s easy to get dirty. This dirty carpet will certainly be a nest of germs and bacteria that harmful.

The Room To Expression

You can complete the decoration of the playroom by giving a painting area. Providing the blackboard as the media to learn writing for your children. Did you know by providing space to develop art in the decoration of the playroom, indirectly you help the development of your child learning power?

Aug 152018

The Important Items For Minimalist Living Room

The house is the destination of everyone’s return, especially after you are tired of activities outside all day, then, of course, the house becomes the destination that you miss most. Because for home is certainly the most comfortable place for you, comfort in a house is determined by several things such as an interior design, furniture used, color choice, use of wallpaper and even floor selection can support the comfort house.

Tips To Arranging Of Minimalist Room

The house is generally divided into several separate rooms that have their respective functions for the owner, several compulsory rooms are living room, kitchens, bedrooms, and family room. The common living rooms are located at very front of a house, as soon as the door opens it will go straight to the living room, right?

You must arrange your living room as well as possible so that friends or family who visit will be more comfortable. Even though the living room is minimalist in size, it should not be an obstacle for you to be creative in creating a room that is pleasing to the eye and comfortable while in it. There are some important things that you must remember when arranging a small sized living room.

Color Choice

The color of one important aspect in spatial planning, the selected color will be able to highlight various impressions for the room, such as the choice of white color that emphasizes the impression of clean, or the choice the bright colors that give fun. Therefore you cannot ignore the color selection.


Choose items that are small in size, the amount of furniture used should not be too much and not too little. You don’t enforce to put the big furniture to your living room because it will make your living room narrow and not comfortable.

Wall Accessories

Due to the small size of the room, then you must make the best use of the room. Walls can also be objects in the arrangement of the room. Give a wall decoration to support the beauty of the room.

The three things above can be combined in spatial planning so that a living room is created that is comfortable, neat, and pleasing to the eye.

The Furniture That Suitable For Minimalist Living Room

As we talking before, the items or furniture that is suitable for the small living room is tiny furniture. There are a number of items that you can place in your minimalist living room. This is the suitable furniture for your minimalist living room.

  1. Sofa

The sofa is one item that you must have for the living room, not least for a minimalist living room. There are several things that you must pay attention to in the selection of sofa, like.

  • Color

For the color, it’s good for you to choose a sofa with matching colors with the walls of your room. The color does not have to be the same but only just don’t highlight the contrast between the colors of the sofa and the wall

  • Size

Since the living room is small, maybe the size of the sofa is taken into consideration. The size of the sofa must be in accordance with the size of the room so that the room is full of just one item, that is a sofa.

  1. Petite table

For the table itself, there are those made from wood and glass. You can customize this selection to your taste. The height of the table should be adjusted to the height of the sofa. To add a beautiful impression, you can complete the table with colorful patterned tablecloths’

  1. Wall shelf

Wall shelves can be used to put some items. The right wall shelves certainly give the impression for your minimalist living room.

Aug 152018

How To Make A Swimming Pool That Fits On Budget

Having a private swimming pool proved that the quality of life and of course not all homes can have it because of various technical considerations and costs that are not cheap. If you decide to have a private pool, be prepared to deal with various aspects of construction that obviously cost a lot of money. You also need to make sure that you have a license that permits the construction of a swimming pool and need the budget of approximately 15 million IDR. You also need to consider the development budget and maintenance. If you don’t mind, then follow the tips to build the private pool.


If you have decided to build a private swimming pool, of course, there are many things that you must prepare. The preparation is more appropriate if consulted with experts in building a professional swimming pool. First, the project to build a swimming pool must be prepared by the architect and approved by the local city government. Before starting construction, you should ask for a detailed budget from your architect so that are no unexpected costs.

Another aspect in terms of budget is to choose flat land that is not too rocky and can be easily reached by cranes, if there is just one step that is missed then you can risk incurring a bloated fee. Since the beginning of the development process, it is very important for you and the building team to know exactly what is desired from the pool so that the construction runs well.

The Conventional Pool

This kind of pools that are very easy to find in homes mostly, because of their survival and usefulness. Although the initial investment is obviously large, having a private pool is fun for the family. Besides that, there are many types of building materials that can make the choice of pool design more diverse.

One of the options available is polyester, which has a cheaper and simpler middle-age and easy to use and modified with additional personal details here and there, such as, waterfalls, light bulbs, or other decorative elements. Of its various advantages, polyester materials allow for comfort and ease of maintenance and overhaul whenever needed. Deciding what material will dominate swimming pool work is a wise decision because of the various possibilities offered with various durability and treatment options.

The Natural Pool

For those of you who attach great importance to the ecological aspects and carbon footprint left by humans in nature or just want to avoid pollution and chemicals commonly found in conventional pools, ecological formats are the most suitable choice. The following are various swimming pool designs that are environmentally friendly in terms of filtration capacity of various types of plants and gravel and sand filters.

This ecological pool imitates a natural pool that still has fish, frogs, and invites its lover to back to nature. The main attraction of this type of pool is the existence of various benefits that are not only good for the environment but also good for health because of the high oxygen levels in the water and the use of materials that protect the skin. This swimming pool also allows the use of water again and again through the purification system through plants without reducing water quality.

The Dimension Of The Swimming Pool

The shape and size of a swimming pool are factors that must be considered in building a swimming pool. The shape and size of the swimming pool must be decided carefully with the final budget and availability of places. Although the format of the swimming pool depends on the characteristic of the soil, there are also some standard sizes depending on the number of people who will use the pool at once. For 5 people you may range 5 square meters.

Indoor Or Outdoor Swimming Pool

The first thing to consider is the environment where the pool will be built because in the next step this will determine the level of complexity of development. Whether it’s an interior or exterior model, there many things to consider. First, you decide on an outdoor swimming pool, then you have to move trees with strong roots that are able to lift the ground and damage the swimming pool. Meanwhile, for the indoor swimming pool, you don’t need to think about these factors because like any surface.